Dashboard Templates: An Overview

Sigma offers a variety of templates to create presentation-ready dashboards. For each given use case, templates can eliminate the need for your team to model data, build new reports, and create visualizations. Instead, Sigma generates all of these directly from your connection in seconds.

When you create a new dashboard from a template, Sigma will automatically create any associated datasets, worksheets, and visualizations necessary to create the dashboard.

You will be the owner of your generated content and can edit it to customize the dashboard at any time. You may choose to use your template generated dashboards simply for out of the box quick insights OR you can build on them for a more customized experience. 

Summary of Content

Available Template Types
      Sales and Marketing Templates
      Snowflake Usage Templates
      Lacework SecOps Template
      Global Impact of COVID-19 Template
Template Usage Overview
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  • Templates are only available for use by organization Admins. 
  • Additional requirements may exist on a per-template type basis. Please refer to the individual template’s documentation for specific requirements.

Available Template Types

Sales and Marketing Templates

Use the following templates to jump right into focused analysis of your team’s Salesforce data. Get Started

  • Salesforce Opportunity Overview - tracks key accounts, open opportunities, sales representatives, amounts, close dates, stages, and next steps at a glance.
  • Salesforce Sales Performance - displays a holistic overview of sales health metrics by deal type, stage, team, and sales representative.
  • Salesforce Campaign Performance - tracks campaign performance analysis by lead type, effectiveness, pipeline, and opportunities.

Snowflake Usage Templates

Sigma provides three Snowflake Usage Dashboard templates. These templates use your Snowflake warehouse’s Account Usage data. Get Started

  • Snowflake Compute Cost - tracks cost by warehouse over time
  • Snowflake User Adoption - tracks how users are using warehouses and databases
  • Snowflake Performance Monitoring - tracks database, warehouse, and individual query performance
  • Snowflake Storage Cost - tracks storage cost by database and over time.
  • Snowflake Cost (Reader Accounts) - tracks compute and cloud service costs specific to Reader accounts.

Lacework SecOps Template

Lacework is a cloud security solution used to monitor AWS, GCP and Azure. Use this template to analyze Lacework Sharehouse data stored in your Snowflake warehouse. Get Started.

Global Impact of COVID-19 Template

Sigma’s COVID-19 template creates a dashboard displaying the global impact of COVID-19. It uses the Starschema COVID-19 Epidemiological Data available from Snowflake’s Marketplace. Get Started

Template Usage Overview

The following instructions are intended for the purpose of providing a general overview of template usage. For more detailed instructions, visit our documentation associated with your select template type.

  1. Before you can successfully use a template, you will need to grant Sigma access to your data via a warehouse connection. This process varies depending on the template type.
    Please note: Details regarding data requirements can be found both in Sigma and in the template specific help documentation. Skip to step 2 of these instructions if you wish to first browse template options in Sigma.
  2. Navigate to your Sigma Home Page and scroll to the DASHBOARD TEMPLATES section
  3. Click to preview a template, or click VIEW ALL to browse all available templates.
  4. When you select a template, you will be shown a preview of that template along with a list of tables and columns needed to successfully use the template. 
  5. Click Create from Template to get started.
  6. First, you will need to select a data source to use with the template.
    Sigma will attempt to select the appropriate data source. If one more data source options are found, you will see the following view:
    If you see this view, select your source and a location for your new dashboard. Then click Create
    From here you will automatically be redirected to your new dashboard.
    If we were unable to match data in your warehouse to the selected template, you will be prompted to manually select your data sources from the Advanced Table Mapping View.  
    IMPORTANT: There is no need to continue with the instructions below UNLESS you intend to manually select your data source(s).

  7. Select a connection and click Next.
    Note: This step will be skipped automatically if you only have access to one connection.
  8. Select data source tables from the provided lists. Then click Next.
  9. Select a destination for your new dashboard and its sources.
    Note: If creating a new folder using the Create Folder button, don’t forget to name and open the folder before continuing.
  10. Click Add.
    From here you will be routed directly to your new dashboard.

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