Using the Formula Bar

You can use the Formula Bar to specify values for new columns you create in your worksheet. To use a formula, create a new column or click on the column you would like to edit and then type in the formula bar. A formula can be complex, or as simple as a static number. When you start typing, suggestions for formulas will appear. Click to fill in the formula name, and expand the guide on how to use the formula.


To reference a column in the chart, just start typing in the column name. When you start typing, we’ll display a list of suggestions. Simply click to have us fill in the column name the way it needs to be entered.

Some formulas required you to enter text as part of the formula. When entering text, or a string, in a formula, surround the string in quotes. This will tell the formula bar you are entering a string.

Other times, you may need to specify the type of data you are entering into the function. In these cases you can use a Type Function within your larger function.

When you are done entering your formula, click the check mark or hit enter. If you change your mind and no longer want to add a formula, click the X.

To see the formula a column on your sheet is using, click the column name. The formula will appear in the formula bar. If you want to make changes, simply click to edit.


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