CSV Uploads (Worksheets & Datasets)

IMPORTANT: This document is specific to Sigma's worksheets and datasets. To learn about CSV Upload for Sigma’s new Workbooks feature, please visit CSV Uploads (Workbooks).

Sigma's CSV Upload feature allows you to upload and analyze CSV data in Sigma. This feature stores a copy of the CSV directly in your data warehouse. As such, it must be enabled on both your organization and individual warehouse connection by an organization admin.

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CSV Data Storage
Upload a CSV
Replace an Existing CSV
Share CSV Data
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  • CSV Upload must be enabled for your organization and warehouse connection.
    Admins can enable this feature by following these instructions
  • You must be a Sigma Admin or Creator with permission to use your target connection.

CSV Data Storage

When a CSV file is uploaded to Sigma, its data is automatically written back to your data warehouse as a new table. If your organization has multiple warehouses with write access enabled, you will be given the option to select a single destination.

CSV data stored in your warehouse is only accessible through the worksheet or dataset created during file upload. You will not see it listed as a Table in the connection. The CSV dataset or worksheet can however, be joined to other data stored in the same warehouse.

CSV Deletion

If the worksheet or dataset referencing the uploaded CSV is deleted from Sigma, the associated table created in your warehouse will automatically be removed within 24 hours.

Upload a CSV to a Worksheet or Dataset

The following instructions will guide you through uploading a CSV file to create a new worksheet or dataset.

  1. Click the + New button in the left hand navigation panel.
  2. Select either Worksheet or Dataset dropdown menu.
  3. Both options will open the data source selection page.
  4. Select CSV as your data source to navigate to the upload page.
  5. Select a Connection from the list provided. The connection you select points to the warehouse your file will be uploaded to. If only one data warehouse has write access enabled, it will be selected by default. 
  6. Upload your CSV file by dropping it in the page, or click Browse
  7. After adding a CSV, you will be shown a preview of your data. From here you may include/exclude columns, adjust the parsing options, and address any errors if necessary.Screen_Shot_2020-10-27_at_3.12.40_PM.png
  8. Click the blue Get Started button in the top right corner of the screen.

Replace an Existing CSV

The following instructions will guide you through replacing the underlying CSV in an existing Worksheet or Dataset. 

  1. Open the worksheet or dataset containing the CSV you would like to replace.
  2. If you opened a worksheet, skip to three.
    If you opened a dataset, select the Worksheet tab from the dataset header. Then click the Edit button, also in the dataset header.
  3. Navigate to your Data Sources tab in the right hand panel. 
    Note: Datasets have three tabs in the right hand panel; Worksheets have four.
  4. Open the ••• menu on the CSV source you would like to replace and click Replace CSV.
  5. You will now be prompted to select a file from your computer. 
  6. After selecting a new CSV, you will be taken to Sigma's Edit Source page. Here you can preview your data and specify parsing options.
  7. When you are satisfied with your new CSV data source, click Done at the top right corner of the screen.

Share CSV Data

CSV uploaded data is not directly accessible through the connection table list. As such, you must grant permissions on the original worksheet or dataset to share this data with your teammates.  CSV uploaded worksheets and datasets can be shared like any other Sigma document. See how

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IMPORTANT: This document is specific to Sigma's worksheets and datasets. To learn about CSV Upload for Sigma’s new Workbooks feature, please visit CSV Uploads (Workbooks).