Working With Columns

‍Column Menus

Access the column menu by hovering your mouse over the column names at the top of the Worksheet or in the Column Inspector on the right hand side of your screen, and clicking the arrow that appears to the right of the column name.

The column menus enable you to directly manipulate data. You can sort, create an aggregate column, change the column’s formatting, duplicate the column, or rename the column. It is also where you can choose to hide the column from the worksheet, or delete the column.


Add New Column

Click the New Column at the top of the Worksheet to add a new column. The new column with appear to the right of the highlighted column. If no column is highlighted, it will appear on the far right of the sheet.


Using the Formula Bar

You can calculate data for a new column by using the Formula bar at the top of your Worksheet. Just create a new column, type in your formula and hit enter, or click the green check to the right of the formula bar.

When you start typing, suggested formula names and suggested column names will appear. Click on the suggestion to have the name automatically filled in.

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