Sigma Worksheets have two states, draft and published. The Published version of a Worksheet is the version that is visible to everyone who has access to the Worksheet. The Draft version of the Worksheet is only visible to you unless you choose to Publish. You can also choose to discard your Draft, and return to the Published version of the Worksheet.

If you are editing someone else’s Worksheet, you may not be able to publish changes. Only Organization Admins and Team Admins can publish changes to someone else’s Worksheet. To save your changes to a Worksheet when you can’t publish, you can save a copy.

Draft: When you make changes to a Worksheet, you create a draft. To make the changes visible to other users, you have to publish.

Publish: The person who originally created the Worksheet and Organization Admins can Publish changes. Team Admins can publish changes to a Worksheet that is in their team folder. All others must save a copy in order to keep their changes.


Creator: The person who first created the Worksheet.

Organization Admin: Users designated as Admins on the Organizational Level.

Team Admin: Users that are designated as Admins for a Team.

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